Commitments to our clients


SensAsian Concept is primarily committed to our clients, but also to sustainable travel, safety, and charity!

Sustainable Travel

One of our fundamental commitments is to always practice and promote sustainable tourism. This includes using rational means of transportation and making trips as logically as possible to reduce the ecological footprint of our activities. This also means promoting local products rather than those imported from far-off foreign countries, as well as using only facilities that respect similar principles. Lastly, SensAsian Concept is always mindful of properly compensating our team of travel experts, employees, guides, drivers and so forth so that they too can have a respectful attitude towards sustainability.

Charitable Efforts

We don’t believe that sustainability only refers to the way we manage our tours. SensAsian Concept is also committed to giving back to the local communities that provide us all with so much. Through the years, accompanying our clients on tours in Thailand has given us the opportunity to discover many interesting charitable projects. These charitable efforts include helping schools in need, small medical facilities, and lesser-known tribal villages with specific needs, among others. Additionally, our reach isn’t limited to human activity and needs, as we also care deeply about the protection of endangered species and wildlife preservation, including centers that take care of and cure elephants. As ingrained in the culture of Thailand as these majestic creatures are, it is important to protect them at all costs. We are ultimately convinced that our impact on the world isn’t just about increasing the demand for responsible tourism that benefits destinations and its locals, but also about making direct donations to charities that help those in need.

Safety and Security

SensAsian Concept is also devoted to protecting each and every one of its travelers, guaranteeing safety at every juncture of your experience. We only employ modern and safe means of transportation when traveling. Our drivers are skilled, trained, highly cautious, and are regularly checked and tested. Similarly, guides are educated and conscious of their duty to care for our travelers’ safety at every turn. This is something that we stand by without exception – any provider out of line is banned! What does this mean for you, our client? That you can travel with peace of mind, free of worries. Furthermore, SensAsian Concept never organizes a trip without first knowing all of the risk factors involved and properly planning for them. Thus, any client asking for inherently risky activities will be advised beforehand of the possible dangers. Nevertheless, SensAsian Concept provides an insurance that covers risks arising from its own activities; we always strongly encourage that our customers similarly take out a short-term travel insurance that covers their own personal effects.

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