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MICE Services – Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Expositions

SensAsian Concept is thoroughly experienced in creating meticulously-planned MICE events for organizations. We’ve continuously proven ourselves in this sector by paying attention to the needs of our clients and finding novel solutions when challenges occur. We offer personalized services for every aspect of your business event, at a level of quality that only we are known for. No occasion is too small or large for us to handle.

If you need for your business event to be handled by seasoned and detail-oriented travel professionals, you can count on SensAsian Concept to organize your event. We understand the quality of execution that our clients require, and maintain in constant communication throughout the event to confirm that all aspects of the event are being realized according to expectations. Below you’ll find many of the services that we offer organizations, but do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a free quote!





Why is Thailand the perfect location for your event?

Thailand is one of the most diverse countries in Asia, with an abundance of different destinations within the Kingdom. First you have Bangkok, which is the epicenter of everything – culture, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife; you can find just about everything there. Then, just a few hours’ drive from there are seaside resorts like Pattaya or Hua Hin. The north of the country is home to the historic city of Chiang Mai, with its surrounding mountainous terrain and beautiful Wat Chedi Luang Buddhist temple, and the ever-popular Wat Rong Khun (known as the “White Temple”) in the nearby Chiang Rai. Additionally, you’ll also find nature in all its splendor here, with sites such as Mekong Delta and Si Lanna National Park. Then in the south of the country, you’ll find pristine beaches, swaying palm trees, and tropical islands. This vast diversity provides planners and travelers plenty of options when it comes to choosing activities, venues, and hotels.

The industry of meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions has also grown steadily in Thailand because of the readily-available logistics and infrastructures. There’s an entire network of regional airports (served by Thai Airways International and a number of other independent airline companies), excellent roads that link everything together, and transportation on the ground that is efficiently managed by experienced handlers. Simply put, both small and large groups can be moved through Thailand easily.


Let SensAsian Concept plan your conference

The SensAsian Concept team is recognized in the industry as an authority when it comes to conference planning, and we continue to improve our events while abiding by our fundamental commitments:

Adding value to your business by strictly adhering to the theme of your conference and the content selected

Choosing a venue that is in line with your expectations and your budget

Facilitating presentations, workshops, and breakout sessions by assisting with their designs

Promoting the reception of key ideas, conclusions, and actions, by assisting with the organization’s presentation

Making key leaders look like the “rock stars” of the business world by facilitating event preparations

Creating large-scale interactions around an identified key topic so that multiple ideas and strategies are compiled between all delegates in a directly applicable manner, such as by using the “World Cafe” method

Deepen relations and break down barriers amongst the client’s participants by creating and conducting innovative sessions

Recapping events afterwards with the client’s senior executives to assist in developing a way to implement key elements that were emphasized during the event

SensAsian Concept can recommend the most innovative venues and negotiate the best rates available for your event due to the extensive network of industry contacts developed over the past 12 years. These venues will help you and your organization conduct its MICE and corporate events in an efficient and innovative manner. Our experience also means that we are able to share our knowledge of most major hotels in Thailand with you to assist you in the creation of your MICE events.

We always choose the best locations for our clients based on the type of setting or tone the event is given and the client’s budget, as we know how important the venue is to having an optimal MICE event. Whether it’s a gala dinner, a smaller business event, or an incentive trip for your staff, we work together with our customers to define (and then find) the ideal location. Furthermore, our team is especially adept at handling all supply-related challenges, even for events in unconventional locations.

Having great entertainment is an integral part of any successful event. SensAsian Concept offers an extensive number of options for entertainment, to both private and group excursions, that range from world-class shows demonstrating regional Thai arts and culture, to more intimate performances during traditional meals. We also organize evening events, like themed dinners with live music/DJs and a master of ceremonies – there are plenty of options to choose from! We’re prepared to provide you with all the entertainment you need for your event.

Our guides are professionally trained to ensure that every moment for our client is truly a pleasure; the comfort of our clients is a top priority for us. Additionally, we know that differences in language and culture can occasionally lead to misunderstandings and general confusion. This is why we’ve only chosen guides that are fluent in their own language and can speak another, and that are always willing to stop and listen carefully to you to facilitate conversation.

SensAsian Concept provides a number of themed options and exclusive venues/halls to make sure that your event is unforgettable. Whether you’d like a luxurious private-beach paradise, or to be enveloped by mountains or jungles, we are ready and willing to find exactly the right theme and venue for your event. In the past, we’ve had the pleasure of organizing a vast amount of theme parties, such as a Pirate BBQ on the beach, Celebrations of the Senses, Loi Krathong themes, Miss Gala, and many, many more! Our team of professionals is here to bring your perfect theme party idea to life!

Corporate gifts are great incentives to keep employees motivated, which is why we’ve made sure to offer an extensive selection of quality gifts for every budget, including tailored promotional items, items made of local silk, local umbrellas, jewelry, pottery, candles, wood/silver carvings, and other handcrafted goods.

Through the years, SensAsian Concept has also managed to create strong relationships with the local media, which if needed, help us facilitate media coverage for our clients and their events. This includes local newspapers, radios, and even TV coverage.

SensAsian Concept ensures that only the best in the business are hired for your events. And, as you know, every great event needs equally great lighting and sound. This is where our event agency comes in. With a large stock of equipment and teams available, they allow us to offer you all kinds of technical services, such as company parties, festivals, cultural performances, social/sports activities, concerts, fashion shows, trade shows, and exhibitions, among others. We make sure that your event is taken care of from top to bottom.

We also provide a comprehensive range of vehicles for all your transportation needs, including on land, sea, rivers, and even mountains! SensAsian Concept offers its clients transportation that ranges from luxury limousines to the most economic sedan, from basic boats and luxury yachts to bamboo rafts, and even helicopters and private jets to help you get to your destination faster and in style. When it comes to your trip, we go beyond our competitors in the region by offering you the widest range of vehicles to ensure that your trip in Thailand goes exactly as you imagine it.

Unlike the majority of our competitors in the region, we are a full-service event planner. We’re able to coordinate, decorate, produce, and offer an overall complete suite of packages to our clients – without compromising the quality of any aspect. SensAsian Concept meticulously prepares all of the stages of your event and oversees aspects of it to construct an event that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our team of event planners guarantees that no detail is overlooked when organizing your event. We communicate constantly with our clients (before, during, and after the event) so that your event is undeniably successful.


SensAsian Concept wants to help you create the best possible experience for your corporate MICE events.

Planning a successful event, from start to finish, is an incredibly arduous task. Every detail that needs to be taken care of is a project unto itself. SensAsian Concept is now here to make sure that your event in Thailand is exactly what you envision to be, without having to do any of those difficult tasks yourself.

We will handle your event in Thailand professionally, planning and organizing everything according to your preferences. Additionally, we can even add any of our main products to your event planning, like our Theme Tours, Island Hopping, Short Packages, and Beach Extensions – so don’t hesitate to consider those as well! When you’re ready to create an amazing event for your organization and yourself, click on the button below!




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