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Welcome to the Booking Conditions of www.sensasian-concept.com. Please read through this carefully before placing your order. By using this website and/or placing an order, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. Before placing an order, if you have any queries relating to these terms and conditions, please contact SensAsian Concept at info@sensasian-concept.com

We may change these terms from time to time without notifying you. Changes will apply to any subsequent orders received. Once your order has been confirmed, we will not be able to make any changes. Each time you use our services, you acknowledge that you have read these Booking Conditions and agree to be legally bound by them. Below you will find our Booking Conditions. We recommend you download or print these Booking Conditions so that you may read it at your own convenience.

These general travel conditions govern the relationship between:

The travel company:  SENSASIAN CONCEPT CO., LTD.

ADDRESS:  251 MOO 5 Moubarn Sintana,Tambon San Phranete

                      Amphur San Sai, 50210 Chiang Mai, Thailand

                      Co., Ltd. License No: 0505560000723

                      TAT License No: 24/000476

                     ATTA Member Code: 04193

(hereinafter « SENSASIAN CONCEPT »)

And any person or entity asking SensAsian Concept to organize a trip or services related to the travel business in Thailand or in any other countries in Southeast Asia (hereinafter “TRAVELLER”).

The general conditions of travel apply to any travel services from SENSASIAN CONCEPT’s brochures, the website, or as requested A La Carte.


1. Information in the SENSASIAN CONCEPT travel brochure or on its website commits the company, unless:

it is a misprint or obvious clerical error or;
the information has been object of an errata or;
changes in such particulars have been clearly communicated to the TRAVELLER, in writing and before conclusion of the contract, or
changes to the travel contract are made later following a written agreement between the parties

2.  For temporary offers on its website that are then removed, SENSASIAN CONCEPT will indicate it directly. For temporary offers made in brochures, in case of no erratum, SENSASIAN CONCEPT will immediately inform the TRAVELLER who would enjoy such removed offers.

3. Any offer mentioned in the SENSASIAN CONCEPT brochure or website is valid until exhaustion.

SENSASIAN CONCEPT is committed (to the fullest extent of its knowledge) to communicate in writing to the TRAVELLER at his or her request and before the conclusion of the travel contract:

- The general information concerning passports, visas, and health formalities required for the journey or stay, in order to be able to collect necessary documents. In addition, TRAVELLERS must, in all cases, obtain information from the competent authorities of customs and health concerning formalities before their travel

- Information relating to the usual terms and conditions of travel in Thailand

Furthermore, SENSASIAN CONCEPT emphasizes the interest to the TRAVELLER to take out a cancellation and/or support-insurance covering his or her trip.

The TRAVELLER shall provide SENSASIAN CONCEPT with all relevant information concerning the holiday expressly requested. If the TRAVELLER provides incorrect or incomplete information resulting in additional costs for SENSASIAN CONCEPT, these costs can be charged to the TRAVELLER.

- Creation of travel contract

The TRAVELLER formulates his travel request – or if there has been prior contact by phone, confirms his travel request by e-mail, addressed to: order@sensasian-concept.com

The Traveller can address SENSASIAN CONCEPT directly on its website www.sensasian-concept.com via the “contact us” button.

Within 24 hours, SENSASIAN CONCEPT confirms good receipt of the request to the TRAVELLER by e-mail and studies the requested trip.  As soon as this is complete, SENSASIAN CONCEPT sends a proposal by e-mail to the TRAVELLER, called “Proposal Form”, which is amendable until it matches exactly the desired trip by the TRAVELLER.

If the amendments are requested verbally by the TRAVELLER, they must be confirmed by e-mail. In the absence of such written confirmation, SENSASIAN CONCEPT will then send an e-mail describing the verbally-requested amendments by the TRAVELLER. This SENSASIAN CONCEPT e-mail will be the proof of the requested amendments unless the TRAVELLER sends by e-mail (and by e-mail only), a rectifying request.

The TRAVELLER orders his trip by confirming his agreement, by e-mail, on the Proposal Form.

SENSASIAN CONCEPT issues an invoice, called “Pro-forma Invoice”, relative to the trip and recalls the essential requested services of it. Attached, it incorporates all correspondence relevant to the TRAVELLER, including the Proposal Form which he or she accepted. This Pro-forma Invoice is sent to the TRAVELLER by e-mail.

- Terms of issue of the Pro-forma Invoice.

If the travel starts more than three months after the order date, SENSASIAN CONCEPT issues a “Pro-forma Invoice” deposit. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, indicated in the Proposal Form, accepted by the TRAVELLER and mentioned in the Pro-forma Invoice, the deposit payable by the TRAVELLER is 35 percent of the cost of the trip.

A “Pro-forma Invoice” balance is issued to the TRAVELLER two-and-a-half months before the start of the trip.

If travel starts less than three months after the order date, SENSASIAN CONCEPT issues a “Pro forma Invoice” total which will cover the total cost of the trip.

- Birth of the travel contract

The travel contract takes effect when SENSASIAN CONCEPT sends out, by e-mail, the Pro-forma Invoice deposit or Pro-forma Invoice total, as appropriate, and when the TRAVELLER receives it.


1. The price agreed in the contract is fixed and includes all agreed upon services, subject to an obvious clerical error or misprint. All prices are quoted in Thai baht (THB) and are payable in that currency.

2. The price agreed in the contract is not reviewable. However, SENSASIAN CONCEPT reserves the right to adjust the prices until the departure day in the case of an increase in fees, taxes, cost of transport and/or fuel.

1. Payment Terms

- Pro-forma Invoice deposit is payable within 10 days after its issuance.

- Pro-forma Invoice balance is payable two-and-a-half months before the start of the journey.

- Pro-forma Invoice total is payable two-and-a-half months after its issuance.

However, if the total amount of the Pro-forma Invoice is equal to or lesser than 10.000THB, or if the booking is made less than 45 days before the departure date, then the TRAVELLER is expected to pay 100% of the tour price upon receipt of the Pro-forma invoice.

By payment of the deposit and/or balance, TRAVELLER acknowledges having read and accepted the general travel conditions of SENSASIAN CONCEPT.

2. Terms of payment

The price is payable in Thai baht (THB) on the account SENSASIAN CONCEPT CO., LTD. with the bank details mentioned below:


Account name:        SENSASIAN CONCEPT CO.,LTD.

Account number:     022 - 1 - 79002 - 2

Bank:                         KASIKORN BANK

Address:                   99,99/1-2 3rd FLOOR NO. 342-345 Super Highway Chiang Mai

                                  Lampang Road. Tambon. Fah Hamm Amphur Muang

                                  Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000



Transfer bank fees are payable by the TRAVELLER

1. Before the start of the trip, the TRAVELLER may, subject to the agreement of SENSASIAN CONCEPT and the airline that SENSASIAN CONCEPT has addressed as part of the travel contract, transfer his trip to a third party (The ASSIGNEE) who will fulfill all the conditions of the travel contract.

 The TRAVELLER should inform SENSASIAN CONCEPT long enough before departure.

SENSASIAN CONCEPT will communicate with diligence the positive or negative response from the airline as well as its own.

2. The TRAVELLER who transfers his journey and the ASSIGNEE are jointly responsible for payment of the total price of the trip and the costs of the disposal, which corresponds, at the very least, to the fee for the modification (see Article 9).

SENSASIAN CONCEPT may charge the TRAVELLER, besides the costs of the changes requested by the TRAVELLER, all costs resulting from these changes after the issuance of the Pro-forma Invoice. These costs amount to a minimum of THB 800 per modification and file.

1. If, before departure, an essential part of the travel contract cannot be executed, SENSASIAN CONCEPT must notify the TRAVELLER as quickly as possible, and in any case before departure, inform him of the right to terminate the contract without penalty, unless the TRAVELLER accept the amendment proposed by SENSASIAN CONCEPT.

2. If the traveller’s information is communicated via telephone, SENSASIAN CONCEPT will confirm the content of the communication by e-mail to the TRAVELLER. The e-mail will confirm the proposed amendment to the TRAVELLER.

3. The TRAVELLER must confirm his decision by e-mail to SENSASIAN CONCEPT as soon as possible, and in any case, before departure.

4. If the TRAVELLER accepts the modification, an amendment to the contract is made that lists the changes and their impact on the price.

5. If the TRAVELLER does not accept the modification, he or she may request the application of Article 11.

If SENSASIAN CONCEPT terminates the contract before the start of the journey due to circumstances not attributable to the TRAVELLER, the TRAVELLER can choose between:

1. The acceptance of another travel offer of equivalent or higher quality without having to pay for it; or, if the journey offered as a replacement is of lower quality, the repayment by SENSASIAN CONCEPT of the price difference, as soon as possible, or

2. The refusal of another travel offer and the reimbursement by SENSASIAN CONCEPT, without delay, of all sums paid by the TRAVELLER under the contract.

SENSASIAN CONCEPT will not be held liable for any damage caused to the customer due to non-performance or improper performance of the contract where the failure or improper performance of this contract is not attributable to the company for the following reasons:

1. The failure that occurs in the execution of the contract is attributable to the customer

2. The failure is attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of services under the contract and are unforeseeable or unavoidable

3. The failure is due to force majeure, as defined in paragraph below.

Force majeure is abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the person who invokes the consequences of what would have been unavoidable despite all due diligence.

1. If it appears during the travel that a significant proportion of the services covered by the contract may not be executed for reasons beyond the control of SENSASIAN CONCEPT, it will take all necessary measures to offer the TRAVELLER appropriate alternatives of equal quality for free for the onward journey.

2. When such arrangements are impossible, or the TRAVELLER does not accept the substitutes for valid reasons, SENSASIAN CONCEPT shall provide appropriate means of transport back to the place of departure for the return journey and, if necessary, provide assistance to adapt it to the circumstances.

The TRAVELLER may at any time terminate all or part of the contract.

If the TRAVELLER terminates the contract for reasons attributable to him or her, he or she will compensate SENSASIAN CONCEPT for damage suffered as a result of the termination, as follows:

- If cancellation occurs at least 31 calendar days before the departure date of the trip, the TRAVELLER shall not pay compensation to SENSASIAN CONCEPT

- If the cancellation occurs between the 30th day and the 21st calendar day included before the date of departure, compensation will be 25% of the Pro-forma Invoice.

- Between the 20th day and the 11th calendar day included before the date of departure, compensation will be 50% of the Pro-forma Invoice.

- Between the 10th day and the 6th calendar day included before the date of departure, compensation will be 75% of the Pro-forma Invoice.

- Less than 6 days from the date of departure or if the TRAVELLER does not appear for the trip, compensation will be 100% of the Pro-forma Invoice.

1. SENSASIAN CONCEPT is responsible for the proper performance of the contract in accordance with the expectations that the TRAVELLER may reasonably have. SENSASIAN CONCEPT implements all its professionalism and expertise to ensure the TRAVELLER a journey corresponding to the travel contract they agreed upon together.

2. If an international convention is applicable for a service covered by the travel contract, the responsibility of SENSASIAN CONCEPT, if any, is excluded or limited in accordance with the convention.

1. The TRAVELLER must check his travel documents to ensure that the dates are correct and must immediately notify SENSASIAN CONCEPT of any errors or omissions

2. It is the TRAVELLER‘s responsibility to ensure that travel documents are in order, such as his or her passport and visa

3. When the TRAVELLER does not show up on the agreed date for the trip, SENSASIAN CONCEPT is entitled to consider the trip as having been canceled by the TRAVELLER

4. The TRAVELLER agrees to comply with the instructions given by the SENSASIAN CONCEPT staff and agrees to indemnify the company against any loss or damage suffered as a result of non-compliance with the instructions of its staff

5. The TRAVELLER agrees to behave in an appropriate manner, so as not to cause disturbance or inconvenience to other guests

6. The TRAVELLER agrees not to damage any property or accommodation and whether such damages should arise, the TRAVELLER agrees to pay the owner the cost of repair or repair the product him or herself

Before departure:

Complaints prior to the execution of the travel contract must be introduced as soon as possible via e-mail and confirmed with a registered letter towards SENSASIAN CONCEPT.

During travel:

Complaints that arise during the execution of the contract must be introduced as quickly as possible on site, via approved manner and with proof to be used as evidence, so that a solution can be sought. A complaint form will be provided upon request to this effect. The tour leader or the travel guide or other responsible SENSASIAN CONCEPT representative countersigns the complaint form and provides a copy to the TRAVELLER.

It is in the interest of both the TRAVELLER and SENSASIAN CONCEPT to settle any claim/dispute during the travel to the satisfaction of both parties.

To express his complaints, the TRAVELLER will address

- the tour leader, or

-  the local guide who accompanies the trip, or

-  directly towards SENSASIAN CONCEPT at the following contact details:

-  SENSASIAN CONCEPT Operations Service Emergency telephone number: +66 (0) 612 790 772

- or, failing that, via e-mail to the SENSASIAN CONCEPT Operations Department e-mail address: info@sensasian-concept.com

- or, failing that, in writing to SENSASIAN CONCEPT CO., LTD.

   ADDRESS: 251 MOO 5 Moubarn Sintana,Tambon San Phranete

   Amphur San Sai, 50210 Chiang Mai, Thailand

After travel:

SENSASIAN CONCEPT will not accept complaints that are submitted later than 7 days after the execution of the trip.

SENSASIAN CONCEPT CO., LTD. is a Thai registered company with headquarters in Chiang Mai:

ADDRESS: 251 MOO 5 Moubarn Sintana,Tambon San Phranete

                     Amphur San Sai, 50210 Chiang Mai, Thailand

SENSASIAN CONCEPT CO., LTD. operates under the following licenses:

                   Co., Ltd. License No: 0505560000723

                   TAT License No: 24/000476

                   ATTA Member Code: 04193

Only Bangkok Courts are competent to deal with any dispute between SENSASIAN CONCEPT and the TRAVELLER.

Participation in a trip or a service implies full and unreserved acceptance of the conditions mentioned above by the TRAVELLER.

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