Premium Fast Track Service


A separate convenient time-saving service dedicated to providing you with a smoother passage through the airport.

For your comfort and especially for time saving purposes, we provide a Premium Fast Track Service !

Avoid walking through the long halls of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and the sometimes-painstaking waiting times (1h to 2hrs during peak times) of the lines of customers queuing to be process through immigration at the airport. After all, this is not the most pleasant way to start your holiday or business trip and that is why our Fast Track Service is so much appreciated. We speed up the airport formalities for you and get you to your destination much faster.

Our Premium VIP Fast Track Service is an internal Airport Service, which can either be booked as a standalone service or with our Private Transfer Services. If you need to come as quick as possible through the Airport without any worries or stress, we recommend our Premium Fast Track Service.

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1. The Passengers will be met after exiting the aircraft by a female hostess and male porter. The porter will display a sign with the passengers name and their hotel name. The porter will carry any hand luggage.

2. The passengers will be escorted to the Fast Track Immigration counter, where their entry into Thailand will be quickly expedited. The airport staff will handle all airport formalities with immigration and customs officials.

3. In the event that the passenger’s needs to obtain a “Visa on Arrival”, our hostess will assist them in this process.

4. The hostess and porter will assist the passengers in obtaining their baggage from the carousel.

5. The hostess and porter will escort the passengers through customs to meet their SensAsian
Concept guide.

6. In the event of lost luggage, our hostess will assist the passenger/s in filling out the necessary forms.



1. The passengers will be met at the meeting point by a hostess and a porter who will display a signboard with the passengers name and flight number.

2. The porter will carry the passenger’s baggage to the security check point then the hostess will bring the passengers to their flight’s check-in counter.

3. The passengers will then be escorted through immigration and into the departure lounge.

4. If the passenger needs to file for a VAT refund, our staff will assist the passengers to the counter and help them to fill out the necessary forms.

5. In the departure lounge the passengers will be assisted in obtaining duty free items and/or escorted to their airline’s VIP lounge. The porter will carry the passenger’s hand luggage through the entire process.

6. Thirty minutes prior to the departure time, the hostess and porter will escort the passenger/s to their departure gate.


Available on Departure Hall / Transit Inter-Inter Flight / Domestic to Inter Flight

VIP Lounge with comfortable seating, complemented with light refreshments, fresh fruit, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. To release the stress of long flights the VIP lounges are also equipped with shower facilities and massage chairs. Internet WIFI connection, newspapers and magazines in various languages are also available to all VIP Lounge guests. If you book a lounge your entry is pre-arranged and guaranteed when you show your Lounge voucher.



Since the walkways at Suvarnabhumi Airport can be very long (longest distance from last gates on concourse to entrance of Immigration check points is in total 860 meters or up to 20 minutes walking), we provide the ultimate convenience to our passengers by providing electric buggies. These golf carts can accommodate up to 3 persons and are the most convenient way to travel through the airport.


Since carrying personal luggage can be heavy and cumbersome, we provide a comfortable porter service to help you collect and carry your luggage for you. Our staff will also escort you through the Thai customs check and ensure that your luggage is secure until it is loaded in your transportation mode out of the airport.


For passengers who would like to apply for Visa on Arrival to travel in Thailand, there are two service counters provided by Suvarnabhumi airport before reaching to the Immigration on 2nd level. Our staff will be pleased to assist you if you need to apply for Visa on Arrival and be with you all the time. The details and required documents are listed below.

Are you ready for a smooth arrival in style and comfort?

SensAsian Concept is ready to provide you with the VIP service you deserve after a long flight. Avoid the long walks and long waits and enjoy a smooth transition to your destination within the kingdom thanks to our Premium Fast Track Service, with or without porters and buggy for your ultimate convenience and comfort. You can book these airport services individually or add it to any of the existing programs and services, such as our Private Transfer Services, that we offer! While you’re at it, don’t hesitate to look at our renowned Theme Tours, Tailor-made Trips and Short Packages. You can book these services by simply clicking on the button below to fill out our Premium Fast Track Service request form.

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