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We want to offer you freedom – the freedom of choice. Sometimes our itineraries don’t cover everything you’d like to do in Thailand. Or other times, you have an outline in mind for your trip, you know what you want to see, but you don’t want to have to take care of all the details. This is where Sensasian Concept comes in, with its one-of-a-kind, tailor-made trips. SensAsian Concept can create a specific route for you, complete with an itinerary for the day – but without fixed times. This means that you can design your own original trip with our expert help, and visit what interests you most in Thailand at your own pace. If you like, you can spend an entire day sampling local cuisine, in a museum, observing animals, shopping, riding through rice fields on a bicycle, or simply doing all of these things back to back.

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We’ve brought together the best travel designers, with at least a decades’ worth of experience in the industry. We know how important it is for your exact expectations to be met on the trip, so we make sure that we craft a tailor-made trip that has your ideas and wishes ingrained in it. Our well-prepared travel tours will have you leaving behind conventional routes and discovering authentic local Thai culture. You describe for us what it is you’d like to experience on your trip, and we take care of the rest. It’s that simple. Our tailor-made trip service was born out of a love for the products we create; we want to bring our exceptional attention to detail to every travel tour that we create so that each journey is a unique experience.

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The best trips aren’t dictated by the size of the suite or the cost of the meal, but rather, by intangible qualities like authenticity, comfort, and the beauty that you experience. SensAsian Concept will take your interests and desires and turn them into one of the best trips you’ve ever had. To enable us to create this experience for you – the trip of your dreams – we need some basic information to create the first outline of your trip. Afterwards, we will adapt this outline to fit your expectations and interests, and once that’s been completed, we send you your first Tailor-made Trip proposal. You’ll find all the questions that need to be answered on our online application form. Our expert travel designers are awaiting your input! Should any questions arise, or simply once you’ve completed the application, our team will contact you!




SensAsian concept leaves nothing to the imagination for your Tailor-made Trip. When you choose us, your journey in Thailand is a blank slate that we can help you turn into the holiday of your dreams. Our expert team of travel designers have only one goal in mind: to help you design the ultimate travel experience! For SensAsian Concept, the concept behind Tailor-made Trips is one of absolutely no limitations. In other words, regardless of the challenges your holiday may present, we will not stop until your dream is completed and meets your expectations. The process is simple and straightforward – after an exchange of information through the form found below (where you provide us with several of your individual interests and expectations), we begin to quickly mold your details into the perfect journey for you.

We only create 100% personalized, unique and exclusive travel experiences.


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